Doctors At the armona

Open-minded, active patients and new surgical techniques used in the treatment of orthopedic diseases significantly change the requirements for a stay in the context of follow-up treatment.
New procedures such as multimodal, interdisciplinary treatments, especially for diseases of the back and spine, are used with great success and help avoid surgery.
In doing so, medical quality continues to enjoy the highest priority, with people increasingly requesting medical treatment to be tailored to their individual needs. 

The rise in life expectancy is associated with an ever-increasing desire for active healthcare.

This calls for new concepts which, besides the actual treatment, also include areas such as medical wellness, stress management and prevention. 

At the armona medical alpinresort - Private Clinic for Orthopedics we offer a wide range of treatments - from treating chronic and specific back pain to the follow-up treatment after endoprosthetic surgery on the joints (knee, shoulder, hip) or on the spine (stiffening, vertebral body replacement, intervertebral disc surgery).

Jointly with psychologists, physiotherapists and nursing staff, our competent team of experienced physicians from the fields of
Pain Medicine and
offer you a therapy and treatment program based on the latest medical guidelines.

Within the framework of our holistic treatment concept, which follows the highest levels of medical quality standards, our patients are introduced to the corresponding treatment goals (freedom from pain, increased performance, recovery of the activities of daily life). 

Lars Weber

Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery Specialist
Medical Director

2009-2011 District Hospital St. Anna, Höchstadt a. d. Aisch
Surgery Dr. med. Holger Herzing

2011-2013 Treatment Center Aschau im Chiemgau,
Pediatric Orthopedics Dr. med. Leonhard Döderlein

2013-2015 District Hospital Bad Reichenhall, Trauma Surgery
Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Reiner Hente

2015 Rottal-Inn-Kliniken Eggenfelden, Orthopedics and
Trauma Surgery Prof. Dr. med. Marc Wick

2015 Schreiber Clinic Munich, Surgery
Prof. Dr. med. Robert Brauer

2016 armona medical alpine resort Thiersee 

Dr. med. Dietolf Hämel

Specialist for Orthopedics, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

1976 - 2004 Chief Physician and Medical Director at the Simsseeeklinik Bad Endorf
2005 - 2008 Chief Physician and Medical Director Medical Park Chiemsee Felden/Bernau

Since 2008 working in Orthopedic Group Practice Rosenheim, Happingerstr. 98

20 years as Team Doctor of the Starbulls (SBR) Rosenheim

1976 - 2008 Medical Supervisor of the Sports School South of the BGS Bad Endorf (DSV - Alpine/ Nordic skiing, luge, bobsleigh)

Decades of Membership in the Bavarian Association of Sports Physicians, the Professional Association for Orthopedics and the Society for Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery (DGOOC)

Board (Vice President) of the Section of Sports Orthopedics/Sports Traumatology DGOOC

Since 1991 Medical Director (founder) and Lecturer at the Vocational School for Physiotherapy

Since 2012 University location of Rosenheim (foundation for Bachelor of Physiotherapy) 

Stefan Kochinke

Facharzt für Physikalische und Rehabilitative Medizin

Medizinstudium an der LMU München 11.1987 bis 06.1994
07.1994 – 11.1995 Chirurgische Klinik Innenstadt der LMU AiP
02.1996 – 11.1996 Münchner onkologische Praxis im Elisenhof
12.1996 – 08.1997 ambulantes Rehazentrum Klinik Bavaria Ingolstadt
10.1997 – 01.1999 Medizinische Klinik Passau
02.1999 – 09.2000 Reithofparkklinik Bad Feilnbach
09.2000 – 09.2002 Medical Park Chiemsee
10.2002 – 09.2003 Simsseeklinik Bad Endorf
10.2003 – 092004 Klinik für PRM am Klinikum Großhadern der LMU München
10.2004 – 12.2007 Simsseeklinik Bad Endorf
1.2008 bis 06.2008 Klinik St. Irmingard Prien
07.2008 – 05.2012 Simsseeklinik Bad Endorf
Ab 11.2009 als Facharzt für Physikalische und Rehabilitative Medizin
Ab 04.2010 als Funktionsoberarzt
06.2012 bis 10.2018 Oberarzt Schön-Klinik Harthausen
11.2018 bis 12.2019 Leitender Arzt Rehabilitation Schön Klinik Harthausen,
seit 05.2019 Schön Klinik Bad Aibling (Betriebsübergang)
01.2019 bis 12.2019 Facharzt im MVZ der Schön-Klinik in Teilzeit
2004 Zusatzbezeichnung Chirotherapie / Manuelle Medizin
Seit 2003 Lehrtätigkeit MM/MT DGMM/AEMM
Seit 02.2010 Kursleiter Manuelle Medizin
seit 02.2014 Lehrberechtigung für Osteopathische Techniken
2016 Diplom Ärztliche Osteopathie (BAO-ÄMM) 

Isabella Gruber

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

• Psychotherapist in her own practice and at the ARMONA medical alpinresort
• Psychological Service Caritas Munich
• Advanced Training in Hypnotherapeutic Intervention Techniques with Prof. Sigfried Mrochen in Berlin
• Continuing education: Hildesheim Health Training with Prof. Gerhart Unterberger
(focus: Severe Diseases and Pain Therapy)
• Breathing and Relaxation Trainer (PMR, Zen Buddhism)

• Development, evaluation and project management: "World of Competencies" at the Zukunftszentrum Tirol and in cooperation with the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich for Organizational and Business Psychology under Prof. Lutz von Rosenstiel and the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich under
Prof. Lang von Wins
• Management of personnel development seminars
• University course: Psychotherapeutic Foundation Course
• Studied Psychology and Psychotherapy in Innsbruck and Munich with Prof. E. Pöppel
(Logotherapy and Existential Analysis)
• Health Educator in schools and kindergartens
• SelbA-Trainer - for an independent life in old age
• Bach Flower Therapy
• Memberships:
• Austrian Federal Association for Psychotherapy ÖBVP
• Tyrolean State Association for Psychotherapy TLP
• Honorary Appointment
Member of the Board of the Life Assistance Tyrol 

Dr. med. Eva- Susanne Schmidt

Ärztin für Allgemeinmedizin

1983 - 1990  Studium Humanmedizin, Universität Regensburg / TU München
12.1990 - 02.1991  Emory Clinic / University of Atlanta; Dep. of Plastic Surgery
03.1991 - 08.1992  Städt. Krankenhaus München - Bogenhausen, Apt. f. Plast.- Wiederherst.- & Schwerbrandverl.-Chirurgie, Prof. W. Mühlbauer
09.1992 - 02.1993  Praxis f. Allgemeinmedizin Bernried, Drs. Stanik 
03.1993 - 02.1995  Privatklinik f. Innere Medizin, Feldafing; Prof. E. Hipp, Dr. E. Bielesch
03.1995 - 12.1996  Univ.Klinik r.d. Isar, Apt. für Orthopädie & Sportorthopädie; Prof. E. Hipp
05.1995 - 08.2005  Univ. Rio de Janeiro; Prof. Ivo Pitanguy, Dep. of Plastic Surgery
01.1997 - 06.1997  Praxis f. Dermathologie; Dr. U. Voigt, München
07.1997 - 09.1997  Praxis f. Naturheilkunde; Dr. M. Kirsch, Gräfelfing
10.1997 - 12.1997  Schiffsärztliche Tätigkeit / Afrika
01.1998 - 04.1998  Betriebswirtschaftl. Weiterbildung z. Medical Manager
04.1998 - 10.1998  Alphaklinik München; Chirurg. Orthopädie; Dr. J. Toft
11.1998  Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin; Bayerische Landesärztekammer
03.1999 - 10.1999  Schiffsärztliche Tätigkeit; Australien, Asien, Euroma, Amerika
11.1999 - 10.2001  Selbstst.: Praxis im Hotel Bachmair; Rottach-Egern
10.2001 03.03.2002  Selbstst. Praxis im Hotel Residencia; Gran Canaria
04.2002 - 09.2004  Leitung / Chefärztin, Abt. Rehabilitation; Onkologische Klinik, Bad Trissl, Oberaudorf
03.2005 - 09.2005  Unfallchirurgie Kufstein
10.2005  Schiffsärztliche Tätigkeit
03.2005  Privatärztliche Tätigkeit, Praxis Barerstr. 1a, München
05.2007 - 05.2009  Plastisch Ästhetische Chirurgie Emco-Privatklinik, Dr. W. Jungwirth, Salzburg