Follow-up Treatment with a Clear Concept and Tailored to Your Needs 

The armona medical alpinresort is a private hospital for orthopedics and rehabilitation which offers medical state-of-the-art follow-up treatments. As an orthopedic rehabilitation facility, we primarily support patients who have just received a joint replacement or have undergone spinal surgery.

Innovative Rehabilitation

Our department for orthopedic rehabilitation is specialized in complex diagnostics and conservative post-surgery treatment. A follow-up treatment is a targeted medical rehabilitation measure. It is carried out after an in-patient hospital stay required for treatment of an acute illness or injury of your musculoskeletal system. The follow-up treatment in our orthopedic facility usually takes three weeks.

Indications For a Follow-up Treatment

At the armona medical alpinresort we offer you follow-up treatment after the insertion of joint replacements as well as after back and spine surgery.
We carry out rehabilitation measures with fresh joint replacement (so-called endoprostheses) for the following body regions:

• Hip Joint
• Knee Joint
• Shoulder Joint
• Ankle joint

In our orthopedic facility you can also receive professional care following spinal surgeries such as:

• Spinal Decompression
• Removal of Intervertebral Discs
• Stiffening of Vertebral Segments
• Accident Injuries to the Spine 

Active Treatment of Back Pain

Permanent pain in your back and spine can be particularly tormenting. In many cases, surgery does not help, new treatment approaches are needed. Our highly specialized orthopedic surgeons at the armona medical alpinresort have specialist expertise which enables a successful treatment of chronic back pain - in a "gentle" way without surgery.

Pain As a Disease

In patients suffering from permanent pain in their back and spine, the physical cause of the pain can often no longer be clearly determined. As a result, the pain can become a disease in its own domains and dimensions. Its alleviation represents a special medical challenge.
The longer the duration of the disease, the higher its impact is on the pain-affected person:

• Relationships with friends and family suffer
• The situation at work is often difficult
• Psychological problems can occur

The successful treatment of chronic pain starts with the realization that every pain disorder is multifactorial. Hence a holistic therapy is imperative. 

Our Approach

At our armona medical alpinresort Back & Spine Center, we focus on treating painful diseases of the back and spine. We are specialized in multimodal, interdisciplinary treatments. By "multimodal" we mean bundled therapy offers of different medical disciplines targeted at covering all aspects of your pain disorder. Experts from different disciplines work closely together and enable our back pain-affected patients to receive the best possible treatment. Our experienced physicians develop a therapy program that’s perfectly tailored to your individual disease and requirements.
And what’s more - our resort is nestled in a spectacular setting of outstanding natural beauty and furnished and fitted to reflect the exceptional levels of armona standards, all this contributing to your healing process.  

Our Claim

At the armona medical alpinresort, every treatment starts with a physical examination and comprehensive pain analysis, thereby including all previous surgery and therapy documentation that you’ll bring along.
The range of treatment components at the armona medical alpinresort may comprise services such as

• Physiotherapy
• Interventions
• Effective Relaxation and Stress Management Methods
• Interdisciplinary Treatment
• One-on-One Psychotherapy
• Individualized Pain Therapy
• Drug Therapy

At the armona medical alpinresort, our doctors and staff members coordinate all your treatment measures in a careful and coherent manner. That said, we’d like you as our patient to be involved in the preparation and implementation of your treatment plan at all times. From experience we know that this is just as important for your healing success as your proactive participation in all types of therapy.