Exceptional Cleansing and Detoxification Services
Purification and Vitality


We’re pleased to offer such treatments with natural products by the Life Light and Dr. Ewald Töth brands, as well as our pampering YUCCA meal arrangements.

What Are the Benefits of This Cure?

• Achieve a balanced acid-base balance
• Natural balancing of the entire digestive process and build-up of a healthy physiological intestinal mucous membrane and intestinal flora
• Gentle loosening of deposits from the intestinal wall and intestinal cleansing
• Activation of the metabolism and improved immune response
• Ideal support in case of allergies
• Positive effects when suffering from arthritis
• Cleansing effect of your liver and vessels, eg. to reduce high blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol, and improve your sugar metabolism
• Improved vitality and health
• Improved skin clarity

Who Shouldn’t Do the Cure?
• People taking antibiotics. In such case the cure is only recommended after you have stopped taking them.
• People suffering from a wound healing disorder
• People that are pregnant or breastfeeding 

metabolic balance

metabolic balance® is a customized nutritional concept based on medical and scientific research. By resetting your metabolism it has a positive impact on your quality of life, lab data and state of health.
metabolic balance® by armona is the answer you’re looking for if you...

• want to lose weight healthily and maintain your perfect weight
• want to improve your quality of life or have health problems related to overweight and/or malnutrition (diabetes, rheumatism, high cholesterol levels, etc.)
• want to feel fully energized, efficient and fit - at any age 

How Does metabolic balance Work?

Based on your personal information and blood analysis results, your personal dietary plan will be created for you, providing your body with all necessary and healthy nutrients. Fruit, vegetables and proteins are the main components of your meals. An apple a day should not be missing.

Four Program Phases At a Glance
Phase 1 – 2-day detox to relieve and cleanse your body.
Phase 2 – Two structured weeks of strict adherence to the food list of your tailor-made dietary plan.
Phase 3 - You will be able to extend the food list of your plan
Phase 4 – The maintenance phase based on your experience from phases 1-3

Now you are ready to experiment for yourself what you feel is good for you. You will slowly break away from you plan, but with the confidence of having acquired new eating habits. 

16/8 Intermittent Fasting

Fasting – Those Who Abstain Create Their Own Fountain of Youth 

With intermittent fasting you experience a gentle introduction to the world of fasting without renunciation.
Intermittent fasting describes the change of food intake and fasting hours in an exactly determined rhythm.
The 16/8 method involves abstaining from food over a set window of 16 hours and eating two meals within the time span of the remaining eight-hour window.
• The meals are prepared with balanced healthy food and supply the body with all necessary nutrients.
• Fill up on a vegan protein shake in the afternoon to ensure an adequate protein supply.
• A smoothie with healthy fruit and vegetables perfectly rounds out your nutrient supply.
• While fasting, consumption of beverages is limited to water, tea and black coffee
The calorie intake is calculated precisely over the day. The motives for doing intermittent fasting can differ.
• If autophagy is the main reason, it is possible to increase the calorie intake (small rewards in between).
• If weight loss is your main driver, our encompassing fitness program ideally serves to increase the overall metabolism and hence helps you achieve a higher calorie deficit.

Intermittent fasting helps the cells to clean themselves, a process that is called "autophagy". For this to succeed, the long phase between the last meal of the day and the first meal on the following day is crucial. Japanese researcher Yoshinori Ohsumi won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of this cellular clean-up called autophagy.