• after endoprosthetic surgeries (Total Endoprosthesis – TEP - of hip, knee or shoulder)
and spine surgery for

Pain Therapy
Cure services for the musculoskeletal system

To whom are our services available?
• Self-pay patients
• Privately insured persons (Section 1 Para. 4 of the Standard Policy Terms and Conditions of the Private Health Insurance PKV)
(currently available only to people insured in Germany)
• Patients in receipt of the so-called “Beihilfe” (entitled to subsidy pursuant to the BayBhV and BBhV Subsidy Regulations)
(currently available only to people insured in Germany) 

Your health insurance may recommend that you find out about cost coverage of your post-surgery treatment stay before you have your surgery.

When doing so, you are welcome to pass on the following information to your insurance company:
• At the armona private clinic billing is done pursuant to German regulations, which means billing is based on the same principles as in German private clinics.
• Our cost rates stand up to comparison with German private clinics, so there are no higher costs due to the location in Austria, as is often feared.
• At the armona clinic, your accommodation in a single room is a general hospital service. Should you wish to upgrade, please ask for our premium rooms.

If requested, we will gladly inform your insurance company in writing about the special features of our clinic and our billing modalities.

Your application for follow-up treatment is done by the clinic where you have your surgical procedure performed. Accordingly, please make sure you inform the hospital's social services as early as possible after your admission there once you decide on further treatment at the armona private clinic. The social services staff will contact us accordingly.


Please pack sufficient comfortable clothing appropriate to your state of health.

Other things you should bring with you:
• Training clothes and shoes for device-based physiotherapy
• Swimwear for water therapy
• Medication and care products that you need regardless of your surgery
• Glasses and contact lenses
• Orthopedic aids that you need regardless of your current illness

At armona, we look forward to hearing from you:
Phone: +43 5376 21400 200 or from Germany +49 8662 6682350
(Please include your telephone number – sometimes, it’s much easier to clarify things by talking to one another) 

Time for Two

Ever heard of our partner concept? This special feature is offered to patients of the armona medical alpine resort.

A stay in the context of a follow-up treatment or a multimodal pain therapy is an unplanned break from everyday life.

Why not use this time to recharge your mind and body together with your partner? Our rooms are designed and fitted with your comfort in mind, offering your partner the possibility to accompany you for any time period – whether on a daily or weekly basis.