Coordinated Physical Activity for Rehabilitation and Prevention

The armona medical alpinresort offers patients the best possibilities to improve their physiological functions in a targeted manner. Qualified trainers and physiotherapists provide you with a perfectly customized training plan tailored to your needs and guide you personally with great commitment.



• Physiotherapy
• Manual therapy
• Neurophysiology-based Physiotherapy
• Device-based Physiotherapy
• Physiotherapy in the Exercise Pool
• Extension Treatment/Sling Table
• Gait and Back Training
• Medical Training Therapy 

Physical Therapy

• Manual Lymphatic Drainage
• Traditional Massage
• Connective Tissue Massage
• Foot Reflexology
• Thermotherapy
• Electrotherapy
• Motion Splint
• Exercise Pool 

Other Therapies

• Laser Treatment
• Light Therapy
• Scar Management
• Shockwave Therapy 

EMA - Electrical Muscle Activation for

▪ Muscle Building
▪ Rehabilitation (training that is easy on the joints, even during
injury phase)
▪ Weight Reduction
▪ Back Training
▪ Relaxation
▪ Competitive Sports
▪ BodyShaping

One Free Trial Training 

Additional Offers

• Core Training
• Pilates
• PMR (Progressive Muscle Relaxation)
• Nordic Walking
• Aerobics 

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic method that uses the hands for diagnosis and therapy. The most important basics are the functioning of the human body as a unit, its self-regulation and self-healing abilities, as well as the interplay of structure and function.
Osteopathic treatment aims to correct restrictions in the mobility of structures and tissues and thereby restore physical and mental well-being.
This is achieved by
• making a highly differentiated diagnosis of structural disorders and mobility restrictions and their effects by means of clinical and osteopathic examination methods
• detecting the dysfunction pattern
• performing corrections by using manual techniques, which the osteopath selects from a wide range of methods - according to the individual needs of the patient.
Osteopathy includes work on all body structures: bony skeleton, muscles, fascia, internal organs, cranium, etc.
This requires an exact basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, as well as years of comprehensive training in palpation skills.
To ensure that patients receive the most comprehensive care possible, osteopaths work closely with other medical disciplines. 

CMD - What is a Craniomandibular Dysfunction?

If you frequently experience headaches, problems opening your mouth and chewing, or cracking noises in your temporomandibular joint, you may be suffering from a dysfunction of the chewing organ called craniomandibular dysfunction.
The technical term is made up of "cranium" = skull and "mandibula" = lower jaw and means diseases that are related to the temporomandibular joint and the chewing muscles.
At the same time, the interaction with other parts of the body can cause a wide range of symptoms, which can range from neck pain, tinnitus and swaying vertigo to back pain.

Typical Symptoms of CMD
Jaw Joint and Facial Pain
Limited Mouth Opening
Cracking of the Joints
Head and Neck Pain / Back Pain
Perhaps you too are observing some of these complaints, but have not yet seen them in connection with your masticatory organ? 

In your therapy, for example, physiotherapeutic measures based on neurophysiology can be used. Device-supported physiotherapy or special exercises in the exercise pool are also frequently performed. Other forms of therapy that we offer include massages, lymphatic drainage, heat and electrotherapy, Jacobson’s progressive muscle relaxation or exercise therapy with Nordic walking and other forms of exercise.
A combined panoramic indoor/outdoor pool is available for exercise and relaxation therapy. In addition, our training area includes numerous state-of-the-art training therapy devices that can be tailored specifically to your physical needs. Hence you can improve your physical performance according to your customized training plan under constant medical supervision. 

Planning is (Almost) Everything

Our specialized team is dedicated to offering you high-quality personalized treatment. Your therapist remains your personal coach throughout your entire stay. Together with our experienced physicians, the therapist will work out your treatment plan and tailor the therapy to your individual needs.

Here’s what we offer at our armona medical alpinresort Therapy and Training Center:
• Physiotherapy
• Medical Training Therapy
• Exercise Therapy
• Relaxation Techniques

Our treatment measures are usually geared toward providing rehabilitation as well as prevention, to prevent future complaints to the greatest possible extent. Your individual training plan promotes your mobility, strength, coordination skills and endurance as required.
Our trainers and therapists use state-of-the-art methods perfectly suited to rapidly improve your mobility and physical well-being. 

Outpatient Rehabilitation Packages

Prescription from your family doctor, an orthopedic surgeon or trauma surgeon
The costs are covered by your insurance

Reha-Block 1

▪ 12x 45 min Remedial Gymnastics
▪ 12x 25 min Lymphatic Drainage
▪ 12x Electrotherapy
▪ 12x Underwater Gymnastics  

Rehab Package 2

▪ 8x 45 min. Remedial Gymnastics
▪ 8x Electrotherapy
▪ 8x Underwater Gymnastics 


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