Dermo-Cosmetic Facial Care

NEW and exclusively at ARMONA - Biologique Recherche

At armona, our holistic "feel good" approach is reflected in all areas. Recently we have started to offer you exclusively a new, clinical approach to beauty care that is designed to meet the high demands of your skin. Only pure, highly concentrated ingredients are used together with innovative processes that achieve an amazing effectiveness.

This unique skin care line was already developed in the late 1970s by biologist Yvan Allouche and his wife Josette, a physiotherapist.

The personalized face and body care achieve an overwhelming effect even with particularly unbalanced skin conditions. 

This is thanks to the unique 3-phase method.
A specific approach is used to determine the individual skin condition (Instant de Peau), followed by preparing the uppermost skin layer (epidermis) for subsequent care with an appropriately aligned and precisely adjusted ritual. 

Finally, products with highly concentrated active ingredients are applied that improve the quality of the skin and help its self-regeneration.

By using personalized care applications, we’re able to achieve unique care success immediately and in the long term, which effectively transforms even highly unbalanced skin conditions. 

The non-invasive approach of Biologique Recherche has enriched the world of cosmetic beauty care with its unique skincare line.
Special attention is given to the use of plant and biological extracts from nature and the sea in combination with biotechnological active ingredients.
The absence of synthetic fragrances results in a high degree of purity in the formulations and hence an excellent skin compatibility.

This innovative and sustainable treatment method is considered a miracle treatment and insider tip by international models. In Germany, the treatment method is still relatively unknown and exclusively available at armona medical alpinresort.

Get to Know Biologique Recherche and Be Inspired! 

Treatments With Biologique Recherche

Anti-pollution, regenerating and revitalizing treatment for tired, dull skin. Restores the natural balance of your skin, leaving your face, neck and décolletage smooth and radiant.

Immediately effective reconditioning and lifting treatment for thin, sensitive, reactive Skin Instants© or Skin Instants© with signs of skin aging. The skin is hydrated, smooth and toned.

Exfoliating and lifting treatment combined with toning and shaping techniques to build contours and firm the face.

Body Treatments

Beneficial care & relaxation by alpienne - Power of the Alps

Whether Swiss stone pine, Alpine herbs, St. John's wort or propolis,
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